Personal Touch

I'm a one-man shop, which means you deal directly with me, the developer, throughout the entire development process. There's no need to go through layers of sales people, project managers, and designers. I'll work personally with you every step of the way to make sure I understand your expectations and implement them to your satisfaction.

Fully Custom Solutions

Craft your message exactly how you want it. No chopping up or bending your material to fit someone else's pre-built template. I design your site around your material, not the other way around. All of my designs are built with responsiveness in mind and will work well and look great on any device: desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Balanced Design Philosophy

As a small business, your website needs to align with customer expectations for your industry to ensure that your potential customers can easily understand what your business is and the products or services you offer. It also needs to stand out and be unique enough to set you apart from your competition. I strive to balance these competing priorities, with an emphasis on meeting customer expectations for the look, feel, and user experience of your site.

Flexibility and Design Control

Take as much or as little control over the design and development process as you want. Tell me nothing but your business name and industry and let me run with it, give me fully fleshed out mockups of your site to work from, or anything in between. Either way, my goal is to satisfy your vision.

Fast Service, Quick Turnaround

You need a developer who responds promptly and gets your added features done quickly, especially when working with time sensitive content. Since there are no layers of management between you and me, I'm only a text, email, or phone call away.

Ongoing Support

I offer options for ongoing support with hosting, maintenance, and additional features once initial development is complete. Change your logo? Have new photos to post? Want to run a limited time promotion? Let me handle all the technical details of adding or updating content, while you focus on serving your customers.


Hi, I'm Jason!

I've been working as web developer since 2020, doing a little bit of everything: frontend, backend, full stack; working for companies and taking on clients as a freelancer. I started JM Web Development LLC in 2023 with the goal of putting my skills to use for small businesses both in the Tulsa area and around the country.

My software education started during college, where I earned a BS in Systems Engineering from the US Naval Academy. From the foundation of coding skills I built there, I returned to the software world several years later by completing the Springboard Software Engineering program. I work mainly in React and Node.js but have dabbled in a few other things as well. Click below to learn more about that.

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my wife Addie and soon-to-be-born first child, along with our dog George and cats Mo and Lisa.

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I offer free consultations! If you're in the Tulsa area, I'd be happy to meet up in person to discuss your project. Otherwise, a phone call or video chat will work.

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